CITO is a goods transport service situated in Norway. It was a mega project as per the starting from scratch requirement. In the first place, it was a taxi service that was transformed into a good transport system that can be operated through Apps.

The CITO project, completed by Semantic Solutions, was an ambitious undertaking from the very beginning. The project started with a client who had a vision for a goods transport system in Norway that was easy to use, reliable, and affordable. With this vision in mind, Semantic Solutions set out to create a user-friendly app that would allow customers to book and track shipments, and drivers to easily manage their routes and deliveries.

To make the project a reality, the team at Semantic Solutions employed an agile project management approach. This involved a series of meetings with the client to discuss requirements, goals, and timelines, as well as regular check-ins to ensure that the project was progressing as planned. Throughout the project, the team worked closely with the client to ensure that their needs were being met and that they were happy with the progress.

  • React Native
  • Redux
  • JavaScript
  • Google Maps
  • Firebase
  • Firebase Real-Time Database
  • OneSignal Push Notifications
  • Google Maps integration for accurate tracking.
  • Real-time tracking to keep customers updated on their shipments.
  • OneSignal push notifications to provide timely updates.
  • Complete transparency throughout the shipping process.
  • Easy-to-use app for hassle-free shipment tracking.

Overall, the CITO project was a resounding success. Thanks to Semantic Solutions’ agile project management approach, cutting-edge technologies, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the team was able to create a highly reliable and user-friendly goods transport system that has revolutionized the industry in Norway.


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